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"The Secret" take some guts. 

 Bob Sheets, Allen Zingg and Kenton all have made reputations on this material. 

This is POWERFUL stuff - some of the most valuable work Kenton has tipped in a long time.  

The Secret isn't for everyone. But is is frightening as hell real mentalism - where the spectator is taught how to use their own intuition - really!  

The basic effect is an envelope contains a playing card or photo inside it. The performer claims he will telepathically send what is in the envelope to the spectator. By using her intuition, she is to answer questions about the picture or playing card.  While the spectator generally has NO IDEA HOW SHE KNOWS, it turns out the spectator KNOWS what is in the envelope. This can be repeated. In fact the more you do it, the better the spectator's intuition becomes. This is wicked stuff.  
We supply some no-miss methods as well as the more bold approaches. 

This is the basic, but surely NOT ONLY effect/performance application or presentation. We cannot tell you what The Secret is or how valuable it is. That takes an entire manuscript to tell properly. But for Kenton and a few pros who know, it is the the real mentalism upon which they have made reputations. 

No sleight of hand - only sleight of mind.

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